Mentors for Trainer, Assessors, Moderators and SDF

*Struggling with your POE and need more help?
*Done your course years back and need help to complete your outstanding POE?

We at TRAINYOUCAN do offer unlimited support, but often get request for additional POE mentoring or support, especially for those who left their POE for months or years to complete.

We now offer the opportunity for learners who "Successfully" completed this course with us in the past and want to offer their services to fellow students. Note that this service is offered totally outside the TRAINYOUCAN package. Here some guidelines when deciding to contact any of the Mentors:

1. The "Mentor" had to successfully complete this particular course with TRAINYOUCAN in the past in order to offer his/her services. Validity of the mentor can be checked with our ETQA office or directly on our helpdesk.
2. Any fees or terms must be discussed directly with the Mentor as we at TRAINYOUCAN will have no control over this. Cost of this may vary depending on the amount of work, mentoring support needed, time and location. We do however advice a minimum of R100 consultation fee starting from 30min, then calculated on the amount of time needed for completion.
3. By default do we only allow 12 months POE support to all learners. Any learner who exceed this period must submit on the new updated workbook requirements. (We update our workbooks every 3 months, depending on the SETA requirements.) Mentors can request new workbooks at no cost from our ETQA office. (Only available to Mentors)

How to register as a TRAINYOUCAN Mentor?

Simply post your contact details below on the FORUM discussion of the course you busy with. Learners will be able to contact you directly and make arrangement for additional mentoring. To remove your details, simply login to the forum and edit/remove your post below this discussion.

When posting your detail as a mentor, always include the following detail:
-Your name.
-What courses you can mentor in.
-Your location.
-Your contact detail.

Visit our FORUM here: