How can I find Qualifications/Part Qualifications on the SAQA database?

Using the link below you can gain access to the public database of both Qualifications and Unit Standards.

Below is a helpful guide to searching the database.

Best use of keywords in Qualification or Unit Standard Title

If you type mining operations in the Qualification Title block, the National Certificate: Mining Operations: Underground Coal will be found. But if you type National Certificate in Mining Operations: Underground Coal, it won`t.

For best results, type mining operations and choose National Certificate from the drop-down list in the Qualification Type block.

Sometimes it is best to type a portion of a word. For example, manag will ensure that you find all Qualification / Unit Standard Titles containing both the words management and managing.

Note, however, that you cannot do this in the middle of a phrase - only at the end. Thus, for example, do not type "manag of financial" - in this case, you would have to type management of financial or manag%financial. (The % sign is known as the "wildcard".)