delete Lost my Certificates and Statement of Results?

How to get a copy of your results for learning completed.

-So often Providers issues Certificates to Learners and never registered them with the SETA's, but how will you know?
-Did you misplace your results and need a copy?
Here some guidelines that might be able to help you with this.

To request your own transcript of achievements from the National Learners’ Records Database, please e-mail your National ID Number and Full Name, with the subject “Request for Transcript”, to

Please note the following:

-The records for Higher Education on the NLRD go up to 2012, so if you have achieved anything further since then, these results will not yet be reflected.
-If you do not see achievements on the statement that you would have expected to find there, then get in contact with the relevant SETA directly.
-The flow of information to the NLRD is as follows: Training providers send data on learner enrolments and achievements to their Quality Assuring Bodies (such as Quality Councils and SETAs), and in turn, the Quality Assuring Bodies send this data to SAQA for loading into the NLRD.
SAQA have the following on the NLRD (and we are aware that there are also some gaps, even in the years that we do have: we are busy filling these gaps):

-South African public university achievements up to 2012;
-South African technikon achievements from 1999 until they merged with other institutions or became universities of technology;
-Private higher achievements logged by some private higher institutions up to 2013;
-Achievements logged by Quality Assuring Bodies (except the HPCSA) up to the present.