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SHE Rep Accredited Training

Solution Want to become an Accredited SHE Rep Trainer?

We often get asked this question and falls into three different categories.

There is different SHE Reps out there, from training normal SHE Reps in an organisation to SHE Reps on Mines, or holding / transporting dangerous goods to issuing of safety files and certificates. First you need to find out what you want to do. Then determine if there is any legislation or body that certify people in this field. Unfortunately the scope of this field is so big that we cannot keep track of all the different requirements. If its a normal SHE Rep trainer (no dangerous goods involved) then you only need 2 to 3 years practical experience, either on your CV or a certificate equal or higher than what you want to do.

We do offer two different SHE REP courses, one short course and one SETA Accredited course that can be used for normal organisations and in the construction field. Once again, check with the body that approved these people (if any in that field) if our courses will be accepted by them. (Mines or dangerous goods might require a different certificate).


In order to become an accredited trainer you need a) the practical experience (2 to 3 years or a certificate equal to what you want to do or higher) and b) the Train the Trainer 117871 certificate. This will enable you to become an accredited person. Many Freelancers also do the Assessors Course 115753 that will enable them to Train and Assess learners and automatically qualify them to work for Training Providers and get involved with SETA Projects.


In order to offer accredited courses, you must a) be an accredited person (Train the Trainer US 117871 + Assessor US 115753 certificates), b) have the experience in each field, work through an accredited Training Provider that is accredited with any of the SETA's, and c) get your programme accredited with any of the SETA's. Some SETA's do offer the programme material for free, but once again check with them directly.

1) Offer the normal SHE Rep training, ... -training/

2) Offer the accredited SHE Rep Training,

3) Offer Train the Trainer course US 117871,

4) Offer Conduct Assessments US 115753,

5) Offer additional courses such as Conduct Moderation,

6) Offer support with becoming and accredited training provider,

7) Buy off the shelf already accredited material.

We strongly also suggest that you read the following page that explains accreditation in detail. ... hould-ask/
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