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You can either send us an email to info @ trainyoucan / .com or click above on the link to log a "Submit ticket" online. (It goes the same place.) 

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ETDP SETA Verification (56) : 19th January 2017 in progress

All learners in batch 56 was approved and we eventually received the SOR documents from the ETDP SETA late on the 13th of March 2017. Unfortunately the approval was to late in the afternoon to upload on our helpdesk. All learners will be emailed their SOR documents on the morning of the 14th of March.

PLEASE make arrangements with our office to either collect your POE and Certificate.

Self-help queries - use the search option on the top of this website.

You can use the self-help search option on the top of this website, for example:

Type in "certificates" or "lost my matric certificate" or "how to get my certificate" in the search bar above for instant help!

eLearning + Distance Learning SCAMS - WARNING!

Important SCAM notice to all learners.

Click here to read more.

ETDP SETA Letter - Explaining delays in certifying learners.

Click here to download this document

ETDP SETA Verification (57) : 31st of March planned.

Our next ETDP SETA Verification (57) : 21st of April planned has open. (Extended from 31st March) Any files that was received during this period and found competent will be included in this SETA verification.

All files received must still follow the process below before we can present this to the SETA.

  1. Assessment until found competent. If not, the helpdesk and email the learner direct with the corrections needed.
  2. Complete Assessment report for each POE that takes average 2 hours to complete per file.
  3. Upload in our administration system and registration.
  4. Send for internal moderation. (Externally.)
  5. Preparation for SETA verification per the different unit standards.
  6. Final SETA Verification that takes a full day audit.

NOTE: learner will be notified by SMS and email when:

  1. When we receive their physical POE in our ETQA offices.
  2. When the assessment was completed + follow-up responses.
  3. When the file was send for moderation.
  4. When the SETA approved the POE during verification.
  5. When your SOR was received from the ETDP SETA.
  6. When your Certificate is ready for collection.

Our process is fully automated. Each SMS will also contain the link and reference number to our correspondence that can also be viewed in our helpdesk.


Download this PDF document here.


New Training Provider Registrations with DHET

The DHET propose with the draft NQF bill in November 2016 that all Training Providers must register with DHET and the SETA. The registration through DHET is a new requirement.

Application forms are obtainable on the DHET website; use the following links:


1. (For Private Colleges -look under: 2008 Forms)

2. (For Private Higher Education Institutions - look under: Private Higher Education Institutions resources)

For more information please contact:

Dr S Lloyd

Tel: 012 312 5178/5081


Dr M Buthelezi

Tel: 012 312 5672

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