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Next verification deadline 25 of July or will it be delayed till the 5th of August?

The next verification deadline was planned for the 11th of July 2016 but moved to the 25th of July 2016. All POE's handed in before or on this day will be included in the next batch of verification.

Reason for the extension is due to a delay in the ETDP SETA response time and limited POE's waiting to be verified for TRAINYOUCAN. We do appologise for the delay in this process.

UPDATE: 22 July 2016 : ETDP SETA have informed us that they have a shortage of verification staff in KZN and running behind schedule. Final SETA verification date was not confirmed yet due to this.

ETDP SETA Letter - Explaining delays in certifying learners.

Click here to download this document

All PSETA Portfolio of Evidence Files was approved.

All files received for the PSETA was approved on the 25th of July 2016 and in the process of creating certificates.

Learners will be emailed electronic copies and must make arrangement for delivery of original certificates.


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